Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Walk the Heights in Manhattan"

Bolton Road entrance to Inwood Hill Park 
Nancy Bruning (http://nancercize.net/) is leading a Jane's Walk for the Municipal Art Society this Sunday afternoon, May 3rd beginning 3:00pm at the south entrance to the Heather Garden in Fort Tryon Park, titled:
"Walk the Heights in Manhattan"


The walk will begin in Ft. Tryon Park with Nancy as leader and guide, but when it arrives at the top edge of the park at Dyckman at about 4:00pm, the tour will cross the street, stopping at the Payson Playground, before continuing into Inwood Hill Park with Pat Courtney joining Nancy as the local Inwood Hill and Isham Park guide.    

The topic in Inwood Hill and Isham Parks will be evidence of the late 1930s WPA era design in these two geographically and historically linked parks at the northern tip of Manhattan Island.  

The walk will continue through Inwood Hill Park and then go on to the top of Isham Park before descending to the new Muscota Marsh at the corner of West 218th Street and Indian Road.  This is an ambitious walk in length; selected paths are moderately challenging with a few up-hill, including a few steps.