Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Views from Isham and Inwood Hill Park

Archives of the NYC Department of Parks
In 1911, Julia Isham Taylor was inspired to give land for Isham Park in part by its view sheds of the surrounding area.

The most significant in her day was the view to the west to the Hudson River and the New Jersey Palisades beyond.  At that time, the view to the east across the Harlem River also had beautiful new buildings, among them the Gould Memorial Library and the Hall of Fame for Great Americans designed by architect Stanford White.

Recently both views have been in the news.

While the issues outlined in the articles linked below regarding views west to the New Jersey Palisades may not directly effect the view from Isham Park today, they demonstrate the importance of such views especially for Ft. Tryon, the Cloisters, Wave Hill, and even Inwood Hill Park. 

Two articles regarding the view shed from Cloisters to NJ Palisades:

Meanwhile, the buildings to the east by Stanford White which are today part of the campus of CUNY's Bronx Community College, were recently designated a National Historic Landmark.  The College is the first community college so honored in our country; the effort to designate was lead by the new BCC President, Carole M. Berotte Joseph.  

Bronx Community College designation of Hall of Fame and Gould Memorial Library:

Please have a look at these two news items and consider them in light of Julia Isham Taylor and her aunt Flora E. Isham's gifts of land, which were originally celebrated on September 28, 1912.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hoping this will be the year in which water service is restored to Isham Park!  A nice symbol of renewal in this the park's 101st year!

Today's New York Times cover is dominated by a weather report on 2012 and intense heat and drought. Yesterday, noticed that the hellebores in the Margin Garden along Park Terrace West were budding. Though it may seem that global warming has encouraged the process, hellebores live through winter and are said to bud as early as January in our area.

For more on the budding of these hardy plants and their very beautiful blooms go to: