Friday, November 2, 2012

Planting bulbs Cooper to Park Terrace West this SUNDAY November the 4th - after all

Hurricane effects and parks closures forced us to cancel this Sunday's IMPD earlier but folks seem to want to plant bulbs after all on this Sunday November 4th, so we are going to do it along Cooper Street and then Park Terrace West (on the paths up the hill on the left or west side away from the new mulch-over-burlap-net area).

So if you have cabin fever and want to get some bulbs in for next spring, come on out!  We will meet at 9:15am in front of 10 Cooper Street.  Plan to work until noon.  We have 550 Daffodils from NYers for Parks and Bluebell bulbs donated by John Emmanuel.

Should make a lovely path for the Cloisters Tower view next spring!   

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