Thursday, October 4, 2012

Two Mounted NYC Police Officers assisted...

We had read in the New-York Herald 1912 review of the opening ceremony of Isham Park, that mounted NYC Police Officers road at the head of the parade.  Ky Williams of Rotary Club of Inwood made the necessary contacts to enable attendance for such officers at the Centennial last Saturday.

They marched ahead of the band and taking a position near the stage made another incredible contribution to the day, as they stood calmly watching the crowds and enabling guests to ask questions and pet their horses.

Amy Fine Collins took a particular interest in them and posed with the officers, inviting Kate Gluzberg to stand with her for the photo op.  One officer gave a demonstration of the horse responding to his communication which he described is done through slight movements of the reigns and not by verbal command or other coercion.

These officers and their horses stayed with us for hours, really adding to the festivities, reminders of the dependency we once had on these beautiful animals before we got hooked on machines that utilize fossil fuel.

See the next post for more on centennial guests, speakers, food, children's activities, and performances...

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