Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Links to video and press coverage of the Centennial

Thanks to Darling Coffee for the cake!
We are indebted to Cole Thompson of "myinwood.net" for his very nice video, to Carla Zanoni of "DNA info" for a great slide show and article, and finally to Robin Elizabeth Kilmer of "The Manhattan Times" for both great previews and reviews, on-line and in paper editions.

Robin Kilmer wrote a preview to accompany the exclusive publication of the cover image of the 1912 celebration program now in the collection of the New York Historical Society (for which VIP had formally attained permission but for publication only in the MT and in the park on the day of the event):

Robin also did a preview interview with me for the on-line MT the week before the event:

and a lovely review following the event:

Cole Thompson was ready with his video camera as the band marched!

Finally, Carla Zanoni wrote an article with a great slide show, both are on-line at:

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