Monday, September 3, 2012

"Lost History" presentation for Isham Park's Centennial month

An invitation from Don Rice to 
at the Indian Road Cafe, 600 West 218th Street (corner Indian Road)

Isham Park - 100 Years

This month at LOST INWOOD we'll be celebrating the centennial of Isham Park's dedication. Pat Courtney, of Volunteers for Isham Park, has prepared a special presentation focusing on the Park; its history, structures, views and design elements. Beginning with Julia Isham Taylor's May 1911 letter in which she offered Isham Park to New York City, Pat will review the details of the property, including aspects of the park's design and the eventual fate of its original structures. The possible identity of the person who designed the park's features (including the walls, pathways, steps, and terraces that we know today) will be discussed, as will recently discovered details about Julia and her husband Henry Osborn Taylor. 

Pat will bring along information about the upcoming Isham Park Centennial Celebration, which will be held on Saturday, September 29.  For those interested, she'll also distribute copies of  "Inwood, Manhattan," a walking tour guide produced in 2012 by the Historic District Council for Inwood as one of its inaugural "Six to Celebrate" communities.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday for this free presentation. Don't miss it!

- Don Rice

Indian Road Cafe
600 West 218th Street (corner Indian Road)
NYC 10034
tel 212-942-7451

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