Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It all started on It's My Park Day last May 19th...

After shot of the "Hinkle"
Before shot: Jenni on the "Hinkle"


One volunteer who came out for the day on IMPD last May offered to
work on a regular basis early on weekday mornings.  She had worked with the Parks Gardener that afternoon and signed paperwork the NYC Department of Parks asks ongoing volunteers to sign.

Almost every weekday since that Saturday, we have met in Isham Park at 7:30am to garden and maintain the park.  Each day she works until 9:00 or 10:00am and some days stays as late as 1:00pm depending on the schedule of her regular job.

We have been able to do so much!  Above see Jenni on what she named the "Hinkle" or the top of the hill above the Ginkgo tree in Isham Park.  The photo on the left shows Jenni in the Mugwort completely covering the shrubs we would reveal by weeding... "after" image on the right is repeated larger below to show the shrubs and flowers we found under the Mugwort, Vine Weed, and other weeds!

More on our work soon...

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