Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sticktopia! Damp, but not in sprirt!

Sticktopia was a great way to celebrate Earth Day!
Rain largely held off until a lean-to structure was designed and created by Caleb and Nolan, next to the eastern corner of the Indian Road Playground fence (just in front of the location of the photo at left).  Tweeks and adjustments were made by a group who arrived in time to relieve the wearied Stickarchitects.

Thank you to Rob Kleinbardt of New Heights Realty for
once again donating bottled drinking water for the volunteers! And also thank you to Manny Ramirez at Dichter Pharmacy for donating double-sided copies of the Sticktopia flier!

Volunteers also cleaned up conditions along the north side of the playground, pulling weeds, collecting branches, bottles, and trash, including a dried out Christmas wreath and tree (see photos below).

Anyway it was great to have rain for Earth Day after so many days without it!  And it made weed pulling much easier too...

Thanks to everyone who came out in the damp conditions to volunteer in Isham Park today!
Now on to It's My Park Day on Saturday May 19th.  More soon...

Stickstructure from the western side showing holiday inclusions.
The Stickarchitects pose in their new stickstructure.

Christmas tree found dumped into the garden.

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