Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's My Park Day yesterday in Isham Park

Yesterday, Saturday October 22nd was a great IMPD in Isham Park.  Pictured here are volunteers planting bulbs in the semi-circular bed below the Isham Memorial in the park - an area long neglected and overlooked for plantings.  Children and parents from Friends of Indian Road Playground planted Daffodils and Tulips in that bed. 

Dorothy Rowan, Parks Gardener for Isham Park brought us tools and plants.  She had planned the evergreen shrub planting for the Memorial Bench Garden planted originally last fall on Sunday October 31st 2010 for IMPD (see the post for that event described on Tuesday December 7, 2010).  The bed plantings look great and will hold the garden area throughout the winter months.  Bulbs were also once again planted in that bed as well.  Thank you Dorothy and to the volunteers who planted that area!

Children also took breaks from planting to color a special history of Isham Park in coloring booklet form.  Volunteers for Isham Park produced the booklet to specially highlight the gift of Isham Park in leading up to its centennial next September 2012.

Yesterday was the 4th successive IMPD in Isham Park held by Volunteers for Isham Park. 
We are so grateful that we have had perfect weather for all of our IMPD's!

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Walter Tully said...

It's amazing when many hands work to plant flowers and plants that would bloom and add colors to the park. That would be more realistic and natural than planting virtual greens in FarmVille, hahaha. Anyway, kudos to the park volunteers.

Walter Tully