Monday, September 26, 2011

Isham Park opened on September 28th 1912, 99 years ago

Wednesday the 28th of September is the anniversary of the original celebration of the gift of Isham Park to New York City in 1912. The park will be 99 years old.

Julia Isham Taylor was the generous donor of the first of what turned into a series of parcels of land by Isham family members in honor of her father, William Bradley Isham, who died in 1909. Mr. Isham had owned and occupied the northern Manhattan land since 1864.

A New York Times article, dated March 24, 1912, describes one fact all but unknown today: that the gift of Isham Park preceded the city's purchase of Inwood Hill Park. In fact, news of the gifts of land for Isham Park helped to inspire support for the purchase of the land that became Inwood Hill Park.

According to then Parks Commissioner Stover, as quoted in The New York Times on the day of the Civic Celebration in 1912, the gift of Isham Park was one of the first gifts of private land for the purpose of a public park in Manhattan.

Volunteers for Isham Park is dedicated to the history and physical improvement of Isham Park, in conjunction with the Partnerships for Parks, the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, the City Parks Foundation, and existing Isham Park volunteer groups, such as Bruce Reynolds Memorial Garden, and independent gardeners.

We hope you will join us in planning for a Centennial Celebration for Isham Park on September 28th 2012!

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Sure,I have definitely joined for centennial celebration for the great Isham park.Thanks for sharing this...
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