Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Storm damage and tree removals in Bruce Reynolds Memorial Garden in Isham Park

2010 garden sign ripped out by strong winds

Most New Yorkers are aware that on Sunday afternoon, July 25th, a tornado violently touched down in the Riverdale section of New York.  However, many are not aware that the same storm did major tree damage in the Bruce Reynolds Memorial Garden in Isham Park.

As the result of the damage done to the tallest trees in Bruce's Garden, many are being removed.  This is because they were deemed by the Department of Parks and Recreation's Forestry Department to be so damaged that they were unstable.

Detail of rot revealed by lost limb
The loss of a large limb on one tree near the driveway of the Northeastern Academy revealed that the tree was rotting and had a hollow core. This damage is still visible, as the tree has not yet been removed.

The photographs included here were taken on the evening of the 25th of July.  We hope that they make everyone aware how critical the work being done is for the safety of all who enter the garden.
Loss of massive limbs left trees unstable

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