Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sidewalk margin garden along Park Terrace West

Back on It's My Park Day in Isham Park on Saturday May 15th 2010, the children and some of the parents of Yes We Can Inwood collaborated with Volunteers for Isham Park to plant the sidewalk margin along Park Terrace West with a variety of plants provided by the Parks and Recreation Department and also Marigolds provided by Isham Park Restoration Program, 1970, Inc.   The sidewalk margin includes park benches which have been painted with the correct exterior enamel paint for the first time in many years, thanks to corporate sponsors.  

Since the planting, many of our neighbors have been complimentary of the new flower garden.  Elderly wheelchair bound neighbors have been particularly happy to experience this new garden on a daily basis.  This is particularly true as during Mulberry season and even year round, many of these neighbors cannot go up the ramp into Isham Park proper and so only experience this border area where the margin used to be a strip of dry earth, dog droppings, and weeds.

Anyway, it is so gratifying to have these lovely comments on the new garden!  Thank you!