Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thank you for the great help in Isham Park on It's My Park Day

Thank you to all who participated on It's My Park Day!  Saturday May 15th was a beautiful day for the event.

Many thanks also to Rob Kleinbardt of New Heights Realty, for the bottled water.

Beginning at 11:00am, the Isham Park Restoration Program 1970, Inc. in Bruce Reynolds Memorial Garden hosted Pre-School on the Planet, whose members planted in the garden. 

Volunteers for Isham Park lead the way on the south slope of the park, by clearing small dead trees and invasive brush on the south slope near the Isham Park entrance path.  The Volunteers also began the process of creating erosion control barriers using the brush and trunks of the cleared debris.

Yes We Can Inwood weeded and cleaned the southwest slope on the retaining wall, a herculean effort!

Then at about 1:00pm, the Volunteers with Yes We Can Inwood moved on to the planting and watering of the Marigolds, donated by Isham Park Restoration Program, 1970, Inc., and the annuals, provided by the Partnerships for Parks and the NYC Parks Department, along the Park Terrace West sidewalk beds.

It all looks so beautiful!  Everyone who sees it thanks us...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

When Julia Isham Taylor offered the initial gift of land for the park in 1911, she emphasized that the views from Isham Park should be preserved for all to enjoy. The park land is a high point in Inwood's terrain. The photograph seen here demonstrates how even today the height of the park enables visitors to see the landscape unfold around, as well as within, it's boundaries.

Volunteers for Isham Park -

The Volunteers work to retain the park's aura as a "breathing space of exceptional beauty" through assisting the Parks Department with gardening and maintaining the park. The Volunteers also work to gather the park's history and the history of the family who created it by donating their land to the city for the purpose of a park at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century.