Monday, June 19, 2017

Juneberries in Isham Park

Juneberries in Isham Park today.
This coming Wednesday June 21st celebrate the Summer Solstice in Isham Park where juneberries, along with mulberries, are now ripe.

"Juneberry" is only one of the many names these native shubs go by: "shadbush, serviceberry, shadblow, wild sugarplum, saskatoon. The official name is Amelanchier: ("The name saskatoon originated from a Cree noun misâskwatômina (misāskwatōmina, misaaskwatoomina) for Amelanchier alnifolia.").

They are delicious! Thank you so much to former Inwood resident, first nations Cree Harlan Pruden for sharing his plants knowledge!

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