Monday, May 20, 2013

VIPs had perfect planting weather for It's My Park Day with steady rain afterwards, enabling planting!

Gretchen, Kristine, and Kate weeding and planting on IMPD;
Gilda's orange jacket is barely visible at left of the circle.
On Saturday May 18th, the weather was partly cloudy to cloudy with rain predicted for several days afterwards, enabling planting to become a major focus of activities for VIPs.

The group included veteran Volunteers mixed with new comers.

First, the edge of the memorial bed was re-cut more deeply to define it against the lawn.

Then as plants donated by the Partnerships for Parks were added mostly to the more open outer edge, Daffodil bulbs were thinned from the eastern edge and transferred to the lower tier bed of the memorial.

Jenni and Kate discussing bulbs; Jeff and Michael edging the bed.
The bed encircling the benches has matured since its recreation by VIPs in the fall of 2010.  Some plants fell victim to drought or trampling over the years while others have thrived, but the resulting mix works to help define the memorial to the Isham family.

The lower tier bed has been more challenging to plant effectively, but by allowing native plants like Violets and New York Asters to self plant ("volunteers!") along with bulbs and Hostas, we hope to define the area with green for now.  Sadly one of the four great Beech trees - planted in the lower tier bed when the memorial was created - has been lost to storms and age, while another was broken in half during Hurricane Sandy.   Newly sunlit areas are rapidly becoming green. Gilda has worked tirelessly in the area surrounding the lower tier.
She could use more help!

In June, Volunteers for Isham Park will be four years old.  We have learned over those years how much work the park really requires on a constant basis.

The last IMPD volunteer appeared near the end of the day. Jonathan, who grew up at 10 Park Terrace East leaving in 1961 when he was 19 years old, attended the Centennial last fall.  He returned for IMPD to plant Begonias, describe the layout of the plantings in Isham when he was a boy, and to receive, as did all of the Volunteers, an Isham Park Centennial pin!

Jonathan potographing his Begonia planting.
Jenni was also back! with Michael and Buster, who are not shown here in any photo.  She is re-energized after the long break from our last summer's work on each weekday during June and July leading up to the Centennial.Her energy is just what is needed in the park on an ongoing basis!  She first volunteered on IMPD in May 2012.

Jenni on IMPD Saturday May 18th 2013.

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