Monday, November 5, 2012

Planting yesterday, Sunday November 4th

Residents of Cooper Street helped plant and turn soil.
Thank you so much to those who helped out last Sunday on Cooper Street and in Isham Park along the path up from the Broadway and Isham Street entrances that gradually rises above Park Terrace West.

The Daffodils planted on Cooper Street are in part an experiment to see if they can survive harsh conditions imposed on the new street trees or if they will help the trees to be treated with more respect.

We were able to turn the soil of many of the pits on the street for the relatively new trees.

Daffodils were planted long the west side of the entry path.
Cooper Street and Park Terrace West (PTW) actually connect at Isham Street.  So part of the idea in planting on Cooper and along PTW is to foreground their connection.  The streets share a beautiful view of the Cloisters Tower in Ft. Tryon Park, framed by a corridor of apartment buildings, some of which are among Inwood's best examples of Art Deco.

The area in Isham Park that we planted has healthy patches of Vinca minor or Periwinkle already in place.  The Daffodils should look lovely amid the Vinca, with its little blue flowers and shiny dark green leaves, next spring.

Hoping to still plant where we planned to earlier, before Hurricane Sandy blew over half of the second of the four Beech trees that were planted below the memorial in the 1930s in reference to the four gifts of land from the Isham family that established the park.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Planting bulbs Cooper to Park Terrace West this SUNDAY November the 4th - after all

Hurricane effects and parks closures forced us to cancel this Sunday's IMPD earlier but folks seem to want to plant bulbs after all on this Sunday November 4th, so we are going to do it along Cooper Street and then Park Terrace West (on the paths up the hill on the left or west side away from the new mulch-over-burlap-net area).

So if you have cabin fever and want to get some bulbs in for next spring, come on out!  We will meet at 9:15am in front of 10 Cooper Street.  Plan to work until noon.  We have 550 Daffodils from NYers for Parks and Bluebell bulbs donated by John Emmanuel.

Should make a lovely path for the Cloisters Tower view next spring!