Monday, October 22, 2012

Part II: Great Centennial Performances

Nadema Agard was next on the schedule, with Native American Storeytelling on the lawn.  Nadema later also spoke movingly from the main stage of the Lenape people as first residents of the area and of raising her own family in and around Isham Park. 
Nadema Agard on the main stage

Bread & Yoga and ABADA-Caproeira Bronx did a Caproeira Workshop on the lawns between the stage and the children's tent. 

This performance was a nice updated reference to the the many international dances performed by school children for the 1912 celebration.

We are grateful to the New-York Historical Society for providing permission to use scans of the 1912 program in their collection as a guide and reference for the events in 2012.  NYHS gave permission for the images of that program to be published in the Manhattan Times, so that their readers could see that bit of history.  The program cover displays four images of Isham Park in 1912, one of which shows the entrance to the park off of Broadway next to the Ginkgo tree.  The same image was used on the 1912 novelty pin worn to the event by Carol Collins Malone (see earlier posts). 
Bread & Yoga and ABADA-Capoeira workshop
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