Thursday, October 4, 2012

Isham descendants were present!

Late last week Kate Gluzberg, Outreach Coordinator for Northern Manhattan Parks got an email from the great niece of Julia Isham Taylor, Isham Park's patron or benefactor.  It seems a neighbor who is a friend of their family saw the posters, e-blasts, or the Manhattan Times article in advance and let them know about the impending celebration.

Most fortunately for us, they decided to attend!
Amy Fine Collins, Brad Collins, and Carol Collins Malone 
Carol Collins Malone, her brother William Bradley Isham Collins, and his wife Amy Fine Collins arrived just before the I.S. 52 band and chorus marched into Isham Park from Broadway!

Carol spoke movingly of her discovery of a button made for the original 1912 celebration which she had pinned on her sweater.  She said Isham Park's opening celebration had always fascinated her.  She invited those in attendance to come up and take a close look, especially at the back of the pin because it still has its novelty company paper label in place. 

Brad Collins and Carol Malone descend from Flora Isham Collins, Julia Isham Taylor's younger sister who was the sixth and last child of William Bradley Isham and his wife Julia Burhans Isham.

Saturday the 29th was a full moon and it brought us such amazing experiences!  The Isham descendants were an incredible enhancement for the Centennial Celebration in Isham Park!

Verso of Mrs. Collins' 1912 celebration button.
Recto: the entrance to Isham Park off Broadway.

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