Thursday, June 28, 2012

Celebrate Julia Isham Taylor's birthday this Saturday

Julia Isham Taylor, birthday celebration (JITs actual birth date was June 28, 1866 so today would have been her birthday) 
Come help to celebrate the birthday of the woman who initiated the gift of Isham Park in 1911-12 this
Saturday June 30th, at 1:00pm at the stone memorial terrace in Isham Park* above Broadway.
Memorial area in Isham Park above Broadway and W. 212th

Enter the park at the stone gate across from W. 212th Street and Broadway and take the stairs to the right under the Ginkgo tree at the entrance, then make the first right at the top of the stairs to reach the terrace.

We will share a cake from Inwood's new bakery "The Darling Cafe" and biographical readings about Julia.

*Please note: In case of rain, meet us at the Inwood Hill Park Nature Center.
The Historic District Council has produced a walking tour guide for Inwood which was one of their "Six to Celebrate" communities for 2011.

Copies of the walking tour guide will be available at Saturday's event. 

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