Monday, September 19, 2011

Invasive species removal went well...

The corner of Isham Street and Seaman Avenue saw a transformation on Saturday. Eight Volunteers, assisted by the Parks Department Gardener, removed huge weeds fed by the rains of Hurricane Irene.

The dry loose soil was a big help. But the greatest break for us was the fact that the composting operation at the same corner allowed us to dispose of most of the plant material discards.

The compost service operates from 8:00am to 12 noon during the Saturday Farmer's Market, so we sped up a bit and completed our removals by 12 noon.

A group of children playing with a broom saw my sleeve and screamed, which took me by complete surprise. Forgot it was covered common Burdock bristles so that it looked almost like the five o'clock shadow of a giant. They asked: "Does that hurt?"  I said no and explained what they were.  Then they picked the bristles off for me one by one!

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