Thursday, September 2, 2010

Black Rat Snake seen in PTW Margin Garden is harmless and good for rodent control

This morning at about 8:15am, as I passed the margin garden on Park Terrace West, I saw a three to four foot long black snake fully extended among the plants. The snake looked healthy.  After informing the other Volunteers about the siting, Steve sent a link to a photo of a Black Rat Snake

Also here is a link to a fact sheet about such snakes:

They are non-venomous and good for rodent control. 
So we hope no one tries to do away with it, as we benefit from its assistance with controlling rats and mice.

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Gordon said...

Black rat snakes can be considered as a friend for the farmers and are very useful to the environment because they eat rats and pests which carry diseases, and destroy crops.

Rat snake